Australian popular courses for lifetime career opportunities

There are different courses in Australia that helps international students to build their professional career. The major courses that has attracted international students are;

  1. Engineering
  2. Information technology
  3. Nursing
  4. Public health
  5. Social work
  6. Professional accounting
  7. Hospitality management

Engineering is such a profession that has been demanded in the world. Australian engineering degree will be the best and recognized if you are passionate to learn and gain expertise in any engineering domain. There are many courses you can pursue and make a career in engineering field of your interest. If Australia is compared internationally then it has been ranked at the third position in terms of quality education and graduate opportunities for international students. There are some top universities/ institutes in Australia providing the engineering degree with industry-focused practical learning which are as follows;

  • Australian national university
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of new south wales
  • Queensland university of technology (QUT)
  • University of Sydney
  • University of technology Sydney

These universities are the top most universities of Australia and apart from these universities there are number of other universities/education provider providing the courses of engineering. The popular engineering courses that international students are attracted to Australia are;

  • Mechtronics engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Civil engineering
  • Electronics engineer

Information       technology-if we look in the recent peripheral the information technology has been one of the most demanded courses in Australia and with a career in this field, students are able to empower themselves with advancement in all aspects including business, health, entertainment and community. To teach an information technology Australia has 8 of the top 100 universities in the world that offers a world-class learning experience and scholarship options for international students. The popular courses of information technology that international students normally go to Australia are;

  • Certificate iii in information technology
  • Certificate iv in information technology
  • Diploma of information technology
  • Associate degree in information technology
  • Advanced diploma of information technology
  • Bachelor of information technology
  • Graduate diploma in information technology
  • Graduate certificate in information technology
  • Master of information technology

Upon successful completion of the information technology courses, students can choose from different prospective career such as;

  • Software engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Information technology officer/manager
  • Information system manager/officer
  • Database programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • System/web developer

Nursing- nursing, is one of the highly respected and most demanding fields across the world today. Nursing has played a vital roles in health industry such as; the promotion of health, prevention of illness and care of physical and mentally disabled individuals of all ages including a children, youngsters and old aged persons. With increasing demands of nurses Australian government recently has announced that nurses, dieticians, midwives and physiotherapists are particularly high in demand in the areas of community care and maternity services in Australia. Since the demand is predicted to increase every year, registered nurses and other sectors in this occupation are going to be listed consistently in the skilled occupations list (sol) and consolidated sponsored occupations list (csol). The popular courses of nursing for which students go to Australia are;

  • Diploma of nursing
  • Bachelor of nursing
  • Master of nursing

Public health- public health is such a degree that focuses on the prevention of illness and the promotion of health. Learning opportunities are aimed at developing the essential knowledge and required skills of practitioners in the practice of public health, including the effective management of community health problems to improve conditions and outcomes.  The Australian public health courses are recognized globally. The course of public health has been designed to prepare the students with the disciplines to define, assess, and solve public sanitation and nutrition problems that are increasing around the globe. The main ambition of the course is to develop the students holding the capability being an expert health care professionals. Upon successful completion of the course graduates can target for getting their prospective job in community health, NGO, hospital, research bodies, and health promotion agencies. The most popular courses of public health that has attracted students to study in Australia are;

  • Certificate diploma in public health
  • Graduate diploma in public health
  • Bachelor of public health
  • Master of public health

Social work- social work is one of the prestigious profession encompassing many different kinds of professionals who all serve for the people in need. Social work aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems. Social work is concerned with individual and personal problems but also with broader social issues such as poverty, unemployment and domestic violence. In addition, social workers are unique in the way that they look at many different aspects of a problem, from the individual to the societal, from the psychological to the political. Common ways of serving clients include providing counseling, therapy and education, as well as connecting clients to appropriate public or private resources. The graduates in social work practice under supervision for administrative and professional development purposes. Many employers offer staff development training. Social workers providing direct services spend most of their time with clients in their offices or in the client’s home. They also spend time in consultation with other professionals such as psychologists, teachers, physicians, lawyers or other persons concerned in a specific case. The most popular courses of social work that has attracted students to study in Australia are;

  • Diploma in social care
  • Bachelor of social work
  • Graduate diploma of social work
  • Master of social work

Holding a degree of social work can offer the opportunity to pursue many different career paths, from direct clinical practice to administration and advocacy roles in the government and non-profit organizations. The graduates of social work are even found in many corporate settings where they craft corporate social responsibility programs and community engagement as well as help employees with workplace challenges. The major career that graduates of social work can choose are;

  • Child, family and school social workers
  • Medical/ mental health and substance abuse social workers
  • Military social workers
  • Community social workers
  • Social work administrators, researchers, planner and policymakers

Professional accounting- the  professional accounting is such a devastating course that provides the training in the technical aspects of the preparation of accounting data; develop the skills in the application of accounting information to solving problems and making decisions; and develop the knowledge and skills in related professional disciplines such as finance, taxation, auditing and management. As accounting career is one of the hottest and demanding in the growing industries in the world today so the opportunities for careers in accounting are boundless. International students who are considering studying in the Australia have the opportunity to tackle rewarding jobs in accounting. The course of professional accounting satisfies the accreditation requirements of the following professional accounting associations: the Australian society of certified practising accountants (cpa Australia), chartered accountants Australia and New Zealand (caanz) and the institute of public accountants (ipa). Also, the graduates are eligible to enter the membership programs of these organisations after graduating. The most popular courses of professional accounting that has attracted students to study in Australia are;

  • Bachelor of professional accounting
  • Graduate certificate of professional accounting
  • Graduate diploma of professional accounting
  • Master of professional accounting

In Australia the graduate of professional accounting are being taken to play an essential role in businesses and organizations of all types. This means that the graduates of the professional accountaning can find employment in all sorts of industries and in many different areas, from general accounting roles to auditing, business consultancy, investment analysis, foreign exchange and taxation. Accountants are employed in a range of workplaces, from government departments to large accounting firms and private organizations in all industry sectors. They may also work in private practice (on their own or with a group of accountants), providing services to businesses and individuals.

Hospitality management– the hospitality management program is taken as one of the most demanding course in Australian as well as all over the world for the students because the students after graduating can get started in the right direction, from running a first class hotel to a five-star restaurant. The hospitality/tourism industry is the number one employer among service industries and is fast becoming the largest single employment category of all industries world wide. The hospitality management course of study might be the best and emerging career for interested students if they:

  • Enjoy traveling and learning more about the world around you.
  • Like to bake, cook, host parties or even learn about nutrition.
  • Would like to gain an education that is applicable around the world.
  • Want to enter a profession that provides you with a variety of different working environments and conditions.


The most popular courses of hospitality management that has attracted students to study in Australia are;

  • Certificate iii in hospitality management
  • Certificate iv in hospitality management
  • Diploma of hospitality management
  • Associate degree in hospitality management
  • Advanced diploma of hospitality management
  • Bachelor of hospitality management
  • Graduate diploma in hospitality management
  • Graduate certificate in hospitality management
  • Master of hospitality management

Hospitality management graduates are highly employable, applying their skills to careers in events, hotel and conference management, sales and business development and forestry and fishing management. The major career that graduates choose after completing their course (including front of house and back of house in the hospitality industry) are;

  • Accommodation manager
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Event manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Public house manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Human resources officer
  • Retail manager
  • Tour manager