Australia Visa Conditions

If the students are issues study visa under Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP), they need to comply with

  • Upon arrival in Australia, student must update the Education Provider regarding the adress & other details.
  • Need to attend regularly and to progress each semester
  • The students are able to work 40 hours forthnight throughout the semester
  • Students cannot transfer to another SVP provider until they have completed 6 months of their principal course (i.e. their last course if they have a package of courses) that they can’t transfer to a non-SVP provider or to a vocational course).
  • Their Enrolment will be cancelled if they don’t come or come only occasionally.
  • If their Enrolment is cancelled, it is impossible for them to transfer to another provider.
  • You must maintain your Overseas Student Health (OSHC) cover while in Australia
  • You must leave Australia before your visa expires