South Korea Accomodation

Residential Types


Most universities in Korea manage apartments on campus, dormitories, and various residences of this type. There are various types of dormitories: dormitories that only provide rooms; dormitories where you can cook, and dormitories that provide room and food. Among these types you can choose a room for 2 people or for 4 people. There are dormitories that provide food, but there are also dormitories that don’t do so. Usually dormitories provide sports facilities, meeting lounges, study rooms, library and computer facilities. The dormitory expenditures differ in regions, types of rooms and the number of persons. Generally, it costs around $100-$200 without food costs.

Boarding House

For people who would like to live in a boarding house, a boarding house provides room and food and receives payment. Most of the boarding houses manage a small scale boarding house. Many students use this type of residence. Usually, students pay monthly, however each boarding house rent differs slightly. Boarding houses provide food, so it can help students to learn the types of food in Korea. The boarding house is popular for young students and short term researchers because it is the best way to familiarize oneself with Korean lifestyle naturally. However, it is hard to keep your privacy in a boarding house, because it is a communal type of residence. There are many boarding houses around the university. You can find information about them on bulletin boards and in advertisements. When you find a room, you can call the landlord first and then visit the house. Before applying for a contract, examine the room first, and ask the owner precise information such as when you can move or if there aren’t any special procedures included in the contract.

One Room

Residence culture is changing in Korea. A common type of residence is one room designed for single people. One room includes facilities such as eating, sleeping and cooking facilities. There are two types of payments for one room, one is the lease of a room on a deposit basis and the other is monthly rental plus deposit.

Officetel and Apartment, Accommodation Unit

There are different places to rent while staying in Korea. These include Officetel, apartment, and a house good for one person only. You can rent a house with one room which is good for one person or a house with several rooms which are good for several people. In Korea, there are no special restrictions or conditions in renting a room or a house. However, because of the deposit that should be returned to you after your contract has expired, you should go to a district office to register for protection in relation to the contract lease or rental. You should wait for the approval of the contract because it would serve as your protection when legal problems arise.

Transportation Card

Transportation cards are for city buses and subway use. You can buy a card for 2000 won at a subway ticket counter or a bus ticket vendor at a bus stop, and then charge the amount of money you want to the card. To use, you can put the card on the sensor in the subway or in a bus. Upon using all the money charged to the card, you can re-charge the card at subway ticket counters, bus ticket vendors, or vendors near bus stops. When you don?t need the card any more, return the card at any card-selling place and they will return the money left in the card and 2000 won for the card.