UK Admission Procedure

Application to uk universities can be processed in two ways:-

  • Direct to the education provider
  • Through an education agent like us


Application checklist

Though, the documents vary depending on the course, provider and qualification you’re applying for. The essential documents required to apply for the admission are:

  • Education provider application forms
  • Certificates that verify the academic qualification
  • Evidence of english language proficiency
  • English translations of certificates or documents which verify previous study or work experience
  • Documents of income source
  • Bank balance certificates/statements

Application processing time

Depends upon the university / college or tentively we can take a week time for the offer letter.

place at a variety of technical schools, colleges of higher education and accredited independent colleges offering a wide variety of courses leading to formal vocational qualifications. Through these, those united kingdom youths who do not go on the university are assured the opportunities of groundings in successful lifetime careers.