USA Accomodation

Temporary Accommodations

When you first arrive on campus, you need a place to live before getting permanent accommodation. Many schools will provide temporary housing for international students who arrive before the semester begins. Ask the foreign student advisor or housing office for information about temporary housing.

Another option if you know a student at the school is to ask them to let you stay with them for a few days. New graduate students can often find someone in their department with room for a temporary guest. Most major cities have a Council for International Visitors or similar organization to help incoming international visitors. They can often arrange for you to stay with a local family for a few days, but such arrangement Hostels are a good place to stay for a few days while you look for a permanent place to live. They provide dormitory style accommodations, sometimes with bunk beds in large rooms. Ents must be made in advance.

Permanent Accommodations

Permanent Accommodations include renting an apartment, renting a house, or buying a house. Most international students cannot afford to buy a house. But, most university students in the US live on or near campus. Students who live off-campus generally find a place less than a mile or two away. . If the school offers on-campus accommodations for international students, you should seriously consider living on-campus, at least for the first year. Since this is probably your first trip to the United States and your first time living alone, on-campus housing will help soften the transition to life in the United States. Later, when you are more familiar with the neighborhood, you can consider moving off-campus.