USA Visa Procedure

Applicants seeking to study in USA will need to arrange an interview at the local US embassy, following the US visa requirements below:

Complete a DS-160 form online, uploading a photograph.

Pay the visa application fee of US$160 & SEVIS fee 200$.

Applicants should bring to the interview an acceptance letter, proof that they have paid all the fees and filled in the right forms, the Form I-20 or Form DS-2019, which is a Certificate of Eligibility, and a passport which doesn’t expire until six months after you complete their degree.

The decision to give you a visa will be in the hands of the consular officer. Their decision will hinge on three things: whether you can financially support yourself, whether you can show you can and want to return home after graduating (getting a work visa is a whole different process), and whether you can prove your academic results to date.

The last of these may involve you proving your proficiency in English. You will also have to provide proof of this to your university at the application stage.

Additional documents may be requested to establish your academic preparation, applicant’s intent to depart the US upon completion of the course of study and how they will pay the financial costs, so make sure you have these with you when you go to the visa application interview.

Additional demands will be made if you have a criminal record, or you’re an expert in certain areas of science and technology.

Applicants can receive the US study visa a maximum of 120 days before your course’s start date, but processing can commence before this date. They cannot actually enter the country until 30 days before the beginning of your course, unless they have a visitor visa. This last stipulation also applies to those who would normally not require a visa for short stays in the US.