Step by step to your Australian Dream

step by step to your australian dream Grace international

The idea of studying to a foreign land could be intimidating. Often, there are lots of how’s and what’s, if’s and but’s since the rules and regulations, culture and lifestyle and educational system of each country differs. There are a plenty of resources from where one can resource the required information including the official websites of respective governments, internet, friends and families among others. Specifically, we have seen a lot of students facing confusions when it comes to understanding the process of application, payment procedures, fulfillment of pre- requirement of courses, medical tests and so on. Through this blog, we shall specifically focus on the step by step process for pursuing your dream to study in Australia. This steps are general steps (but not limited) to be followed by all Nepali students.

Here are the steps:

Attend a counselling session

Thousands of students who visit us each day and aspire to study abroad are all full of curiosity. Thus, we feel a need for them to attend a counselling session. In this session, they can know the courses available, Universities and academic institutions details, terms and conditions, expenses of processing, cost of living in Australia, work rules, skills needed and so on. Basically, counselling session helps them understand the journey they are likely to start and what their another step should be like, Since, Grace International provides admission assistance and test preparation services along with the counselling session, students can make the most out of our reliable services. We are here to answer any of your queries and suggest you likewise.


Research more: Find your course and university

We would like to advise all the fellow students to research more on the courses you wish to study and select Universities. Students may set some criteria like field of interest, career paths, future goals, fee structure, quality of education offered, course’s recognition and future demand of manpower and so on.


English Tests and sorting your documents

It is compulsory to take up English Language tests like IELTS, TOEF, PTE and so on after choosing your courses. Universities demand the certificate of assessment together with all other documents. Likewise, you may get the assistance of our team in sorting and finalizing all the required documents for your admission processing.


Apply for admission to college

At this step, you have to apply for admission to college. An online application form is filled along with the documents that are asked to submit. It is up to the university to accept your admission and issue the offer letter. In case you are waiting for results and wish to apply before, you can apply and still get an offer letter of admission. This means that the college offers you the admission provided you submit your academic certificates as soon as they are issued. Once you accept the offer from concerned university, you are off to next step.


Pay tuition fees

After your admission is accepted, you need to make a payment to the college. The fee structure, payment modes and amount depends from each institutions. In general, students usually have to make payment for the first semester of study.


Undertake medicals and PCC

Medical examinations are crucial part of admission processing that indicates your health status. a doctor’s certificate is issued that is submitted to the college.



if the university accepts and examines your financial portfolio, college admission form, payment received and other documents submitted, it shall issue you the COE or Certificate of Entitlement. This confirms your admission to college.


Visa lodging

In this final step, Visa is lodged to the Embassy of Australia and all you wait for is the outcome of visa. Once, you get your visa, you are ready to fly to the city of your dreams.

Above all, it is very important to understand life in Australia while you decide to stay there for the upcoming years of your life. At this point, you may consult your friends and family abroad in order to know the international life. After all, Australia is not be a land of gleaming lights and may not be as lavish as your expectations. Thus, try and get the real picture of what your life ahead is like. This reality check shall help you discover and enrich your international life.