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Abroad Studies

Since our establishment back in 2006, we have been working as a bridge to connect the students of Nepal with the education providers across the globe. Mainly, we are established carrying an aim of delivering quality educational services to the graduates of Nepal who wish to study abroad. We have more than a decade long history of serving numerous students, Universities/Colleges with several educational programs delivering quality result to public at large. Primarily, we stand for conviction, reliability and unwavering commitment to the aspirations of the students who aim to study abroad and till the period, we have been successful to show the appropriate educational destination to our students. Our better services, beneficial guidance’s and friendly behavior to our fellow students has made us stand with full of proud and in this professional journey, we have always been praised and appreciated.

Test Preparation

When it comes to studying abroad, Language proficiency tests is one of the key essential. Hence to make the students capable to score the requisite, we offer classroom-based training for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE, GMAT. We provide comprehensive and result-oriented coaching with a focus on personalized attention and flexibility of timings. Well-researched material, quality instruction, phenomenal book collection at our academic library, a range of mock tests and a professional instructor are some of our proud standing. Better instruction given by our professional instructor has assisted many of our students to achieve a better results in their tests. This is the reason, alongside Kathmandu, we are popular in other cities of Nepal as well. More than thousands of students enroll with us so as to get prepared to attend their tests and to secure a better score.

Scholarship assessment guidance

For those students who have an excellent academic qualification with strong English proficiency test score, we guide them what amount of scholarships in different university/colleges they are eligible for. The wide ranges of scholarship will be helpful for students to choose the best education provider. Number of abroad universities/providers specifically allocates different scholarships, bursary and stipends for the students who have the higher academic percentage or grade, English proficiency tests and through other means of test score; SAT, GRE and GMAT. As an educational consultant, we always take one step ahead to provide the right guidance for our students. Also, from our side, we avail study abroad scholarships from the intuitions of student’s preference. We have associations with several institutions abroad, from where we become known about the requirement and comprehensive information about various scholarships offered by different universities/providers to the achievable students. Knowing the requirements, we provide excellent scholarship guidance with the best learning options.

University / college presentations

Getting touch with different university and colleges, we organize a presentations of different university/colleges. This presentation are especially organized by the representatives of the respective university/colleges. The session itself is great as it provides students to interact directly with the team member of specific university/colleges and know everything in details. Attending such types of presentations, students are able to know about the core units delivered, how the lectures instruct their students and guide them in their studies. Alongside students know about the educational environment and regulations of the college. Even students will be familiar with their curriculum, assignments and exam modes before attending their orientations which helps them to get prepared accordingly.

Monthly readable newsletter

For our students who are in touch with us, we send them the monthly readable newsletter via electronic mailing system. The newsletter contains the valuable information regarding abroad immigration policy change, the seminar going to be hosted, admission procedure updates and benefits of studying abroad. In the newsletter, we notify our students about the details of different programs which is going to be organized letting them know about the delegates of specific university to visit.

Pre-departure sessions

The session is mainly focused to the students who have already secured the visa. The session covers all the important information regarding how students can start their new life, how to make a special walk in abroad and other required information that is needed in abroad. Mainly with the motto to help students prepare their upcoming life in a new country, we host a number of pre-departure sessions throughout the year. Our pre-departure sessions helps student to navigate personal and cultural growth opportunities. At the same time, students are made aware to stay within the rules of the student visa with some tips for finding a part time jobs. We are clearly known that for every individual, to settle down in the new location it is very difficult, however our tips will help students to get readily prepared to settle down after arriving in the new location.

Monthly Group Advising sessions

Monthly we organize a session where we focus on providing expert intellectual advising session for different career focused students. The session topics might include, the major outcomes of studying specific course, pre-requisites for studying abroad, admission requirements, the application procedure, costs, grant of scholarships, and standardized tests for meeting further requirements. Attending the sessions helps students to explore their future scope and make them prepared with the future learning. With the session, students will get advantage of understanding of every single details utilizing which they can pre-plan a long-term academic and future goals. As setting a future goal is the essential part of academic and professional success, so advising our students, we energize our students for setting an academic and future goals.

Library services

For especial members only, we are providing a huge range of standardized tests preparation materials. These facilities are given from our modernize library. In addition, at library leaflets, brochures, handbooks & other publications from the universities / colleges abroad are available and students can go through such things to know the details of their future educational destinations. We always are concerned about our student, so we provide an extra attention of our students to grow their personality. For this purpose, we have made various books and materials available at out library studying which, students can grow their personal capability. Further, today’s student are more focused on learning activities deeply and at the same time of learning, they want to have a social interaction together with the possibility to share their knowledge with others. So, looking after today’s trend, we have prepared our modern library where students can learn, grow their personal abilities and later on, share their knowledge’s with other fellow students.

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